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Bolt Nut & Engineering Supplies cc

Success depends on a lot of variables that influence the levels of achievement that a company experiences. With this in mind, Bolt, Nut & Engineering Supplies cc (BNES) has devised a culture of outstanding service reliability and competitive pricing.

BNES was formed in 1988 and is a 100% black economic empowerment company, which offers tailor-made solutions to companies who require forward planning. Holding diversified brands, imported from various countries around the world, locally manufactured by its associate company Mag Bolt and locally sourced, allows BNES to be highly price competitive. A fleet of ten vehicles in conjunction with effective planning and most goods supplied ex-stock, quantifies a speedy turn-around time. BNES’ extensive stock levels are warehoused in Johannesburg, allowing easy access to all major centres in Gauteng and to all other major centres around South Africa.

With a staff compliment of 25, with combined experience of 78 years in the industry, drawing on this experience and expertise, we are able to offer elective service & solutions and have subsequently made a stand as one of the leaders in the field of fasteners and engineering supplies.

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